Great Lakes Leather Alliance-Michigan Master/slave



The Great Lakes Leather-Michigan contests (herein "Contests") are scheduled to take place in Detroit, MI on May 4-6, 2018. The contests are open to players in the Leather Community that qualify per the guidelines established for each title of the Contests. See Contest Requirements.

The winner of each title within the Contests will hold the title from May 5, 2018 until May 4, 2019, or until the 2019 contest is held, whichever occurs first. Each title is a year commitment and the obligations of each winner is listed in the Contests Requirements. Each winner will report directly to Producer, SIR Merrill. He may be contacted here. Any questions you may have concerning any matter regarding this form or the Contests, or anything in general relating to the content of this form should be directed to him as well.

Will be used when referring to you on-stage during the contest. Example "Master Rick and slave rose"

Two (2) community references -- please provide name and email contact information; these references will be contacted by the contest Producer.

One or both of Y/you.
Have either of Y/you been arrested, indicted, or convicted of a felony or crime involving fraud, deception or any criminal activity?
Do both of Y/you have a valid passport or do Y/you both qualify to get one?
JPG only/2MB max. Please BLACK OUT any identification numbers prior to upload. Please see the CONTESTANT AGREEMENT at the end of this form for more information.
JPG only/2MB max. Please provide a current picture of yourselves.


I, the undersigned, agree to comply with all the rules and regulations set by the Contests, local sponsors, and the management of the facilities where the events are held.

I certify that all information I have provided on this form is accurate.

I certify that I am 21 years of age or older and meet all of the qualifications specified in the CONTEST REQUIREMENTS applicable to this application and agreement. I further agree to comply with all of the requirements described within this attached and agreement contract and with the statements of expectations and responsibilities of the winners.

I, the undersigned, in consideration of the acceptance of my entry herewith by the owners the contest, hereby waive, release and forever discharge its owners, producers, members, agents, operators, employees, lessors, lessees, parent companies or entities, affiliated companies or entities, representatives or subsidiaries from any and all demands, actions, causes of actions, claims of injury or damage to my person, property or reputation, costs, damages expenses, attorney's fees or penalties of any kind or nature, whether asserted or unasserted, known or unknown, that may arise now or in the future from any cause whatsoever in connection with my participation in and with the Contests.

I, the undersigned, also hereby grant to the Great Lakes Leather-Michigan Contest Producer, agents, successors and assignees, the exclusive right and permission to own, print, reprint, broadcast, reproduce, and publish any and all photographs, negatives, video and audio recordings, and other electronic media and mechanical images of me that are taken during any local, regional or international competitions, rehearsals, photographic modelling sessions, receptions or other related events. All photographs and images of me shall be the property of the Michigan producer, who shall have the exclusive right to use the photographs and images for promotion for any future Contests or related events.

I agree to participate, if asked to do so, in a photographic modelling sessions arranged by Great Lakes Leather - Michigan during the weekend of the contest at the contest location. I understand that the photographs may be used exclusively by Great Lakes Leather - Michigan in its advertisements, website and promotional activities, and for no other purpose unless I grant written permission. I understand that nudity is not required but is optional. I shall receive no compensation for modelling other than the prizes that are awarded to me, if any, as a contest winner.

I have attached a photocopy of the front page of my passport or driver's license (with the identification numbers blacked out) that shall be used for identification purposes only and shall not be published.

I agree that by filling in the correct value of the ReCaptcha (below) that this constitutes my agreement and understanding of this CONTESTANT AGREEMENT.

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