How will I be judged?

Score sheets are available to view here.

What does the demo entail?

The purpose of the demo is to show an interest in the BDSM space. You are not required to be Dom or sub. For example, a boy contestant can act and discuss his demo as a Dom (i.e., alpha boy). See the score sheets for areas of interest during judging.

How much does competing at GLLA-MI cost me?

While there is no entry fee for contestants, there is cost involved in competition. Contestants are responsible for all transportation, lodging, food, and incidentals.  You must own all worn gear used on stage and in your interview; however demo/fantasy equipment and gear does not need to be owned. 

If I win, how much is that going to cost?

GLLA-MI strives to minimize the stress on its titleholders going to GLLA. GLLA-MI will pay for the registration, 1/2 a hotel room per contestant (based on a 3-night stay at the host hotel) and food stipend equivalent to the cost of the GLLA meal package (note: this does not include the cost of brunch). If sufficient funds are available, GLLA-MI will also help with transportation costs to GLLA and/or with other out-of-pocket expenses.

You may have other expenses, such as transportation costs to a pride event, a bar night/fund raiser, or teaching event. These are not specifically covered by the GLLA-MI travel fund.

What do I win?

All new titleholders will receive a back patch and a medallion. The SIR, boy, Ms, and Bootblack contestants each receive the title sash for his/her particular title. All sashes remain property of GLLA-MI.

Per the titleholder agreement signed at the time of application submission, all items presented must be returned to the producer upon request.

More so, than a physical item, you have the opportunity to earn respect from the men and women within the Michigan (and beyond!) leather community.