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Sir Bud Ingram-Lile

I am delighted to serve a judge for GLLA-MI; much thanks to Sir Merrill for the honor!

I have been involved in leather and kink for almost thirty years. As part of the "lost generation", I initially had to fumble around a bit and find my way. Ultimately, I was fortunate to find leatherfolk who taught me a great deal about leather, kink, and the joys of having a leather Family.

I entered into a Sir/boy relationship with Randy Ingram-Lile in 1996. Over the years, our relationship has morphed into partners, Handlers, husbands, and today, co-Sirs of a growing leather household. Today, our Family consists of our collared pup of six years, his pack, a service boy, a young Dominant, and a Sir of long acquaintance and friendship. Add to that "Family adjacent" Sirs, pups, and boys...we need a chart to keep track of them all!

I love providing comfort, support, knowledge, and history to those who seek it. I earnestly want to emulate those before me who took a sometimes-confused young man and helped shape him into what I am today.

Sexually, I flag black, grey, light/dark blue, teal, yellow, red, dark pink, purple, yellow, fuchsia, hunter green, lime green, beige, leopard, tan, houndstooth, and the elusive mindfuck hanky (which has yet to be created) [Or maybe it already has been. -SM]. Most are on the left - ask me which ones I can flag on the right! I prefer playmates who are interested in the kinks themselves as well as serving; the hottest energy is playing with a boy who I KNOW wants to be beaten/fisted/scared a bit.

I have been happy to assist many contestants with title run prep; I also served as Lead Director for the inaugural Minnesota Sir/boy/Ms contest. And, we have two titleholders in the Family - our beloved puppy (MME 2012) and my wonderful husband (MME 2018).

I look forward to helping in the selection of the next GLLA-MI Titleholders!

Tim Koski, Mr. Michigan Leather 2018

I'm 36 yrs old and live in my hometown of Chesaning, MI. I'm a local truck driver and I was a volunteer firefighter for over fifteen years. I was Mr Dunes Leather 2017 and am the current Mr Michigan Leather. I've been active in the kink and leather community in Michigan for over ten years. When I'm not busy being tied up or attending leather events I enjoy many outdoor activities including car shows, boating, and camping.

Bootblack Cathy, Indiana Bootblack 2018

Bootblack Cathy, Indiana Bootblack 2018 is a girly pansexual who has been involved in the BDSM/Kink community for over ten years and leather community for about 4 years.

Bootblacking is Cathy's true love. She has bootblacked and presented at several events both locally and beyond such as Power Exchange Summit (in Ohio), Leather Leadership Conference in Atlanta and fundraisers for the Indiana Falcons. She is a full backpatch member and Road Captain for Indiana Leather Club, honorary member and Bootblack for Indiana Falcons and a full member of Titans of the Midwest. She is also leader and contributor of her local Indy Boot lab.

You will find her running through the crowd and laughing, enjoying the company of others, that is of course if she doesn't have her hands on some leather.

Kenn Kennedy, Mr. Michigan Leather 2017

Hailing from Detroit, Kenn is Mr. Michigan Leather 2017, Mr Liberty Leather 2016 and placed 4th at IML 39. He is an associate member of Onyx Great Lakes, The Detroit House of Pain, The Michigan Band of Brothers, a founding member of The Order of the Non-Sanctimonious and a Charter Member of ASSFÜC (The American Society for Sodomy and Fine Unaged Cheeses).

Kenn is a straight-talking, fun-loving, sexual outlaw who uses his passion and zeal to spread joy and DNA everywhere he goes. As a red hankie enthusiast and religion fetishist, he promotes radical sexual expression and encourages others to be unafraid to explore themselves as sexual beings despite silly homonormative conventional wisdom.

When he's not busy breaking hearts and asses as he travels the globe, Kenn enjoys writing leather culture related articles, promoting enthusiastic explicit consent policies, hosting sex parties and eating pizza.

boy Bradley, Michigan Leatherboy 2015

boy bradley is a native of Indianapolis, but now lives in Michigan serving his SIR, TIM. Now in his eighth year with SIR's collar, boy bradley is at the peak of his leather journey, living a 24/7 commitment to serving his SIR.

Since his first step into the 501 Eagle twenty-five years ago, boy bradley has been a strong supporter of the leather community in both Indiana and Michigan. he saw his first leather competition at GLLA in 2008, and since then has served as a judges' boy for several title contests. boy bradley was honored to receive the title of Michigan Leather boy 2015 and hopes to make this opportunity an outlet for continuing his service to the leather community and to support others on their leather journey. You probably have seen boy bradley as the Silent Auction Coordinator at CLAW, an event that raises the most money each year for CLAW charities. In 2013, he earned the Volunteer of the Year Award at CLAW in recognition for his work to support CLAW charities and the annual CLAW event in Cleveland.