Class Schedule

10am - 11:30am
Rope @ The Eagle
Power Exchange @ Menjo's
Noon - 1:30pm
Mummification @ The Eagle
Violet Wand @ Menjo's
4pm - 5:30pm
Needle Play @ Olympus Hall
Intro to Latex @ Menjo's

11pm - Midnight
Daddy J' Pairings @ The Eagle Patio

Class Descriptions and Presenter Bios

Class Description:
Wanna do that hot new rope thing all the kids are doing? Thing your partner would look good in rope? Wanna make your partner hurt? In this class Toga will teach very basic ties, wraps and knots to discomfort and pain your bottom based on pressure points. No experience needed, just bring your rope and a willing victim.
Presenter: Toga is a dominant, sadistic rope top, who has been active in the Michigan community since November of 2015. He knew he had an interest in rope and bondage from a young age, as he was tying the neighborhood girls to trees in the woods. He still very much enjoys tying people to trees but since has expanded his knowledge and versatility by attending classes all over the country and internationally. In addition to rope, Toga also enjoys topping for impact, knives, and rough body play.
Toga currently is a co-leader of Lansing Rope and has taught classes all over the tri-county area. With his wealth of knowledge and an eye for safety, he enjoys playing on many levels. From floor rope to suspensions, and everything in between, Toga excels at making sure the experience is enjoyable for everyone involved.
Toga's luxurious beard is what draws a lot of people to first strike up a conversation with him(it even has its own fetish), but his welcoming personality and sarcastic wit is what keeps you coming back again and again.
Class Description:
This class will present information as to what mindfulness is, discuss examples of mindfulness practice and its benefits, and discuss its applications and benefits for couples and relationships, in general, and Master/slave and Power Exchange (PE) relationships, specifically. If you've been in a PE relationship for any length of time, you know there are times where it feels like the focus isn't there, or that things are a bit on auto- pilot, and it can be frustrating to figure out how to smooth the rough edges and get things back on track. Mindfulness is one way to help you get over this bump and can be applied to most any area of life and improve overall wellness. There will also be an interactive component to practice and illuminate what mindfulness entails, but no one is forced to participate unless you wish!
Presenter: Scott and lyon are a Master/slave couple living in Indianapolis, Indiana. Both active members of their local community; Scott is currently treasurer of IMAS, lyon is director of MAsT: Indianapolis, and they are both members of NLA: Indianapolis, as well as the Indianapolis Bootblacks Laboratory. They have had the good fortune to present on a variety of topics in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, and love a good intellectual debate almost as much as a good ass thrashing in the dungeon. They share many rather benign hobbies of a wide variety from things such as butt punching and breath play to consensual non consent, along with a passion for sharing and talking about about all things power exchange.
Class Description:
Do you like shiny, pointy things? ME TOO! Needle play is more than you may think and we are going to explore what all that means! Join me while we learn the in's and out's of play piercing. We will cover basic safety, basic practices, how to make it festive, and more!
Class Description: Hot to look at.
Hot to wear.
Hot to play with and in.
This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to learn about various aspects of "rubber" including: the different types of materials such as latex, rubber, neoprene & PVC; considerations and tips for care and maintenance, including some of the products on the market; and ideas and demos on how to incorporate latex and rubber into your play.
Presenter: Whether dressed in leather or her true love, latex, Dee's dedicated support has been integral to her community over the past 15 years at local and international levels. Dee has judged international, local, and North American level leather and rubber competitions. She has taught classes on how to plan and negotiate role play scenes as well as a workshop on latex for wear & play. She is the bootblack for her leather family and recently has begun to bootblack publicly. She is on the board of directors for the International Ms Leather Foundation and helped to start the well loved annual Canadian themed Bevvies with Beavers Party at IMsL/IMsBB Weekend. Dee also created and has co-run a Spouse, Partner & Chosen Family Tea and panel discussion for the family members of IMsL/IMsBB contestants to provide a supportive network and place for honest conversation. She is a proud associate member of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of ONYX.
Class Description: A form of bondage; a way to play with sensory deprivation; a spiritual experience. The practice and art of mummification is all this and much more. Through lecture and hands-on demonstrations, this workshop will provide participants with a foundation to begin exploring mummification. Topics covered will include: physical, psychological and spiritual safety measures; basic skills for mummifying; creative considerations to pervert everyday materials; and ways to capitalize on the spiritual potential for both the Top(s) and bottom(s).
Presenter: Patty is a butch leatherdyke who has been involved in the Leather Community for over 15 years. Born and raised in upstate NY, Patty has been happily transplanted in Toronto for over a decade where she is a dual Canadian-US citizen and lives with her super hot wife. She is honoured to hold the titles of International Ms Leather 2014, Ms Leather Toronto 2014 and Ms Northbound Leather 2013.
Patty served on the boards of the So You Want to Be Kinky educational series and the International Ms Leather Foundation. She ran the Surge Event Series for leather/kinky women and trans people in Toronto and created the "Surge: Images of Power & Pleasure" calendar as fundraiser. She has presented workshops on mummification and spanking and has co-hosted experiential "novice nights". Additionally, Patty co-developed and regularly presents workshops on suicide/mental health first aid for the puppy and kink/leather communities. One of her other continued passions is working on behalf of Rainbow Railroad raising funds to help lgbt individuals find safe haven from state sanctioned violence, murder and persecution. She is an associate member of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of ONYX and member of the Vajra Leather Family.
Class Description: "cause the power your supplying, it's electrifying"
Join me as I demonstrate the how to properly use electricity in a way that stimulates the senses. We will go over health and safety while playing with electricity and how to use the different attachments and intensity levels to get your desired reactions and sensations, all while I toy with my boy. Following the demonstration, I will be allowing volunteers to come up and get an up close and personal feel for the violet wand.
Presenter: Sir Jay is the current Great Lakes LeatherSIR.