GLLA-MI Master/Slave 2014 - Sir Travis and slave niki

Sir Travis and slave niki, GLLA-MI Master/slave 2014

Sir Travis and his girl niki have been in a 24/7, TPE Relationship for nearly 5 years focused on and exploring the Master/slave dynamic.
Travis began exploring SM in the late 90’s and actively joined the public community in 2009. A Sadistic D-type with Daddy tendencies who subscribes to the philosophy of RACK, gravitates towards unusual toys and heavy impact, and enjoys a wide range of kinks, he is currently focused on the exploration of a Leather path and sharing the things he loves with others.
niki began her BDSM Journey in 2009 and she began fully embracing her Leather path after attending Great Lakes Leather Alliance Weekend 2011.
Actively volunteering in their home community, Sir Travis has organized, owned and/or facilitated the following: SINergy: a weekend educational conference, The Warehouse: a dedicated Leather/Kink/BDSM playspace, The Grand Rapids SLOSH, various munches, and is the Co Founder and Executive Director of MAsT: Grand Rapids.
As a facilitator and coordinator, niki served as the GRALE Event Coordinator, a position where she recruited regional and national educators to provide informative presentations at their monthly play parties. She’s also Co-Hosted the Greater Grand Rapids Area Munch, and she is one of the current hostesses of the Grand Rapids Educational Munch. Besides engaging in service work for her home community, niki volunteered at American Brotherhood Weekend 2013, International Mr. Leather 2012, GLLA 2011, and she was the GLLA 2012 Bootblack Contest Tally Master. She also spent a year volunteering for IMsL as the Research Assistant to the IMsL Historian and Archivist–a position that allowed her to spend many humbling hours at LA&M and viewing/organizing/inventorying rare historic Leatherwoman documents and materials.
Together they hold the titles of Michigan Master/slave, are proud members of the Michigan Band of Brothers, and have had the honor to share their knowledge and personal experiences in the form or workshops and discussion groups including Great Lakes Leather Alliance, debauchery (NC), IMAS Beat My Valentine & Red, Black, and Blue, LIFE Detroit’s DARK Weekend, and LRA Chicago.