SIR Jay - GLLA-MI 2017 LeatherSIR

SIR Jay, GLLA-MI LeatherSIR 2017

In 2017, SIR Jay was the Michigan LeatherSIR and had begun his leather journey 12 years prior. He has been active in his local community for the prior 2 years and is known by several nicknames including Dom top and lil daddy. You can usually find him at local and regional leather events bouncing around the bar, most of the time half naked and flagging red on the left. SIR Jay is an advocate of creating inclusive and welcoming spaces and is always willing to help with events, fundraising and education when needed. SIR Jay was selected at the Great Lakes LeatherSIR for 2017 and International LeatherSIR in 2018.

boy hank - GLLA-MI 2017 Leatherboy

boy hank, GLLA-MI Leatherboy 2017

Boy Hank  is a quiet but outgoing boy who loves to spend time with his fellow boys and pups. He has been collared to his Sir/partner, SIR Jay, for over a year and has been active in his local leather and pup communities. He is a giant teddy bear who goes out of his way to help any of his fellow kinksters or friends in need. He flags yellow, hunter green, beige and velvet white. You can usually find him near his SIR ready and willing to serve.