Michigan Community Bootblack 2015/2016 - Elisa

Elisa, GLLA-MI Michigan Community Bootblack 2015/2016

Elisa continues on from GLLA-MI to win at GLLA and International Ms. Bootblack. She is a radical sexual outlaw with a disdain for hierarchy who could be best described as a contrarian leather anarchist. She is a body positive polyamorous feminist. She is also a fuzzy femme piglet who demands authentic and intimate relationships that involve degradation, objectification and lots of pain, done with love and affection.

boy mike - GLLA-MI Michigan Leatherboy 2016

boy mike, GLLA-MI Leatherboy 2016

Boy mike has been in the MI Leather community since 2012 and is a "Kinky Switch Alpha boy." He is polyamorous and believes in a non-judgmental "love is love" mentality. His passion for kink began at his first flogging scene. His passions diverged into various kinks such as pup/Trainer play, fisting, flogging, spanking, punch play and various things as a top. boy mike has been proudly collared to his Daddy for 4 years. He is service oriented and is co-founder of Team Friendly Detroit. His ability to submit is his greatest and most sacred right, which empowers him to teach others that "the boy has the power in the scene." His motto is: "The journey is about learning from the moment you start to the moment you retire."

Ms. Megan - GLLA-MI 2016 Ms. Michigan Leatherpride

Ms. Megan, GLLA-MI Ms. Michigan Leatherpride 2015/2016

Megan is Ms. Michigan Leather Pride 2015/2016 and was born in Southeast Michigan. She has a passion for community service and education and is a part of local organizations, most recently including being a Founding Board Member of MAsT: Royal Oak. She has held and participated in fundraisers for charity. She loves doing demonstrations at bar events and teaching classes for different groups. Megan is the Event Coordinator for The Kinkdom. Currently, Megan is in a polyamorous relationship with a submissive, steven. Her hobbies include sewing, Netflix binging, and volunteering to improve her local community (not just the leather one).

Sir Mitch - GLLA-MI Michigan LeatherSIR 2016

Sir Mitch, GLLA-MI Michigan LeatherSIR 2016

An active member of the scene since 2008, Sir Mitch's love for the lifestyle developed quickly and blended naturally with his passion for teaching and charity. He found himself not only attending events throughout the Great Lakes region, but volunteering for and helping organize them for groups such as Mr Friendly and Great Lakes Pup Trainer - Michigan. Sir Mitch has been with his boy for nearly four years, and in the last year, has been in a triad with a pup. He is also the Daddy to a second puppy in Indiana. As the head of his poly house, Sir Mitch puts great importance in having both a sex-positive outlook and in furthering education in regard to the nuances that come along with having multiple sexual and/or romantic partners.